Why is Lead Generation Important For Your Business?

Posted by Swoop Digital on 14/06/21 2:51 PM

Lead generation is of prime importance to your business.  In both the short and long term it creates sales and increases the influx of organic customers.

Your lead generation strategy will shift your bottom line and increase sales if done consistently and at a high quality.

Having a more engaging website, better onsite navigation will also increase your chances of turning a lead into a customer.    You should also ensure that you qualify your leads to reduce any wasted time and of course, money.

This is the change that an optimised lead generation strategy will ensure for your business.

CRM and Lead Generation

A CRM will assist and nurture your lead generation.   It will qualify your leads, which ensures that you are only following up on leads you know fit the criteria of your target market.  These leads will thus be marketing qualified for your business.    

HubSpot is a CRM that allows you to get started with a plethora of free marketing tools that centre on it.

You can implement a HubSpot CRM as part of your B2B lead generation strategy. Thanks to its expert customer management, your business will be able to seamlessly generate quality leads and help them evolve into customers.

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Benefits of using HubSpot as your CRM

HubSpot comes complete with a builder to create uniquely designed landing pages, as well as creation kits for advertisements, emails and forms, which means targeting interested companies and forming healthy and lucrative B2B relationships has never been easier or more convenient.

HubSpot’s native analytics keep track of your leads’ activities using a neat and easy to understand timeline which shows you what media resulted in the most conversions, how many times a lead visited your site before completing a successful conversion, and patterns in how visitors use your site.

You can then use this data to market more successfully to leads!

Key B2B Tactics for your Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

B2B itself favours particular types of lead generation. HubSpot has found that SEO tends to be the best resource for gaining business leads, with 89% of B2B buyers turning to Google when faced with challenges, choices, or problems relating to their business.

To get those all-important leads, your business needs to be in a prime position to attract interaction through search engines.

You can read HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to SEO Read here.

Social Media and EDM also scored high on B2B lead generation and HubSpot have compiled a list of all the best techniques to optimise your business’s strategies in those mediums: Read here

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