The Tools Of The Trade

Posted by Marlo Grover on 8/09/20 11:36 AM

Google Ads

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Instagram Stories...

All of these are tools businesses can use to boost their audience engagement, increase awareness, and follow potential customers around the internet until they agree to spend with you.

However, these tools are just that... they are not the be-all and end-all of digital marketing and cannot be expected to hold up an entire business. 

So what are the rest of the tools doing in your toolbox?toolbox

Where are you driving your traffic? 

When your audience gives you that golden ‘Click Through’ how are you rewarding them? 

Your website or landing page needs to be ‘singing from the same hymn book’ as some might say. You need to provide a clear and consistent user journey through each piece of content your user consumes from your brand. 

If your ads and marketing are working - awesome! But always remember, if Facebook and LinkedIn disappeared tomorrow, what would be left standing? So often we can leave our websites in the dark and if someone finds themself on your site they might be served with a marketing campaign from 6 months ago. 

You can make the journey for your target audience that much more smooth if you can tick these boxes:

  • Ensure a consistent branding journey. Use the same brand colours, logos, fonts and tags over your ads, landing pages and offers.
  • Keep your message simple. Is the offer on your promoted ad the same as the offer on your landing page? Or is it text heaving and confusing?
  • Set a clear objective for your campaign. Do you want their email address? Do you want their telephone number? Are you trying to get too much or not enough? 
  • A/B Test. Are you confident that the one tag line you are using, the one image you’re heroing is the right one for your audience? Perhaps it’s right for one and not the other. Give your ad tools options so they can do the heavy lifting for you. 
  • Read your ad insights! Ad planning is not a set and forget task. If you check in on your ad performance every 2-3 days you can make calculated decisions on what offers are driving clicks and what ad material is driving people the other way.

If your ad campaigns are set up for success you can confidently put money behind these assets knowing you will achieve the desired outcome, but remember, ads are not the be-all and end-all. They must supplement your ongoing effort to provide value to your audience and highlight the benefits of your service. 

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