Segmentation - Why One Size Does Not Fit All

Posted by Marlo Grover on 31/08/20 10:44 AM

When you read the words “One Size Fits All’ do you immediately roll your eyes into the back of your head?

In an age of so much personalisation and customisation at our fingertips, why would a consumer want something that fits everybody? They want something specific to them.

And although segmentation, targeting, and personalisation are all readily available to almost every digital business that exists in today’s landscape, some businesses still believe that a blanket message, blanket offering, or product will do the trick. 

BREAKING NEWS… It will not. 

At the beginning of Australia’s lockdown, it was all a bit novel. All of Australia was in the race to try and stop the spread of the virus. Marketing messages were all singing from the same hymn book; 

“We’ve got you.” 

“We’re in this together” 

“You’re not on the road right now - but you will be soon.” 

And for a while there it looked like we were going to move forward as a nation - but then the second lockdown happened which only affected a particular segment of Australia. Every Victorian, 6.4 million people actually - 4.9 million people in Melbourne alone. 

And yet somehow this huge chunk of the market has been forgotten. It seems most businesses have just flicked the switch back to ‘ON’ for all Australians meaning those in Victoria have been receiving emails as if they can leave the house, go to restaurants and spend money as if they have stable and functioning jobs. 

This is where the segmentation of your audience is critical. 


Do you have an offering that you can provide to both your Victorian clients and the rest of Australia? Are there extra steps your Victorian customers need to take to buy your product? Are you communicating any of this to your different audiences? 

Your customer will remember how you made them feel during these times - and perhaps they aren’t ripe to purchase right now but - when they’re ready, they can choose to spend their money with you or a competing brand that bothered to segment their audience and tailor their marketing instead of applying the ‘One Size Fits All’ button.

So! Do you know how to segment your audience? Do you have this data readily available for your audience? Be segmentation savvy with #SwoopDigital. As a full-service digital marketing agency, our Inbound Marketing Solutions can help with all your inbound marketing needs. This means you won’t need to juggle multiple agency partners. And you can focus on other areas of your business.


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