Make it a Merry Christmas with a smart E-Comm strategy

Posted by Marlo Grover on 2/11/20 9:00 AM

2020 has seen consumers turn to online shopping more than ever - and this year's Christmas shopping period will be no exception.

With physical retail stores no longer able to offer that magical Christmas experience - businesses will be looking to their e-Comm capabilities to be the brand their target customer chooses amongst a sea of competition online.

Christmas Shopping for consumers

Consumers are being urged to start their Christmas shopping earlier than expected this year with 55% of Australians concerned that their parcels aren’t going to arrive in time for the big day.

As a digital business, how are you prepared to manage this increase in traffic with your e-Comm offering? 

Elements to consider for a successful e-Comm Christmas period include:

We sounds like a lot. And it is, but if you’re serious about a successful Christmas period then we’re serious about helping your business set up for growth. 

#SwoopDigital are the Melbourne digital experts and as a HubSpot agency partner in Melbourne we’re well equipped to ensure you’ve got the digital infrastructure you need for a thriving e-Comm solution. 

Did you know that a strong abandoned cart email strategy can contribute a 12% uplift in revenue? We want this for you, and we know how to do it. With 60-80% of carts being abandoned, only 1 third of carts are actually purchasing with your business. 

Want to change that?

Give Swoop Digital a call, we’re on your team!


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