Joining the dots on web redesign

Posted by Marlo Grover on 21/01/21 10:13 AM

Have you ever passed a piece of paper around a group and asked them to draw a dinosaur? But each person can only draw one body part of the animal? So you pass the piece of paper around the group and everyone contributes their idea of what the body parts should look like and at the end of it you have a whole dinosaur.’s a completed picture of a dinosaur, but each of its body parts clash with the other. Some are too big, some are too small and others haven’t considered how the dinosaur will walk on those tiny, tiny legs.

This is a fantastic metaphor for web design when it’s not handled by a single business of experts.

Yes, everyone has delivered their work and it answers the brief, but when you put it all together - does it even work?

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 11.03.22 am

Digital agencies that offer A-Z digital solutions have experienced and (unfortunately) been on the receiving end ‘joint the dots’ projects too often to say. When the client realises all the months and dollars spent on the redesign of their website is almost unusable because the dots don’t join and the dinosaur can’t walk. 

This is how a join-the-dots project might just unfold...

The beautiful web design is impossible for customers to use.

The web page functionality will take 3 months of complex development.

The web development isn’t able to integrate with 3rd party plugins.

There’s no way to test or track new or existing customers on the website. 

The design isn’t SEO friendly and no one will be able to find your new web page.

And on it goes….

You cannot underestimate the power of one expert team, under one roof. This approach to web design allows the agency to ask all the must-know questions up front, rather than 4 steps too late. It means that every decision made throughout the redesign and development process considers the business objectives and target customer so the client receives a high performing, results driven web page. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 11.04.46 amWorking with only one digital agency under the same roof that hosts SEO experts, designers, developers, google partners and Hubspot experts you can ensure that all integrations, best practise and optimisations are considered at the start of the project - rather than retro fitting them to your project at the end once all the hard work is done, and already paid for!

It also means you can work alongside your agency's team, and develop relationships and trust that will ultimately deliver a better project because of the human connections you have. Never underestimate a face-to-face conversation with your agency or team, all in the same room. The power of your team being local to the project will save you hours of phone calls and dollars in miscommunication and chinese whispers. 

So - if the idea of a seamless redesign/development project is your idea of heaven then the simplest thing you can do is call Swoop Digital. If you’d like a free website audit by our team to understand where you’re at and how we could help you - let us know!

Swoop Digital are the experts in digital marketing in Melbourne and our team of professionals will ensure you get the best result for you and your customer



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