Posted by Marlo Grover on 29/09/20 6:00 AM

So you know you want to take your business digital.

You want to be an ecommerce brand, but you’re not really sure how or why?

What any marketing manager or business wants to know is: what are the benefits to my business of ecommerce marketing? 

So we’ve put together a short list of some of the main benefits, but it also pays to remember that each industry and business will likely have specific use cases for ecommerce that are best developed and drawn up by a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

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For customers, ecommerce marketing means that they can do research from the comfort of their home or from a bus seat on their commute: whichever time is most convenient to them.

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A well-constructed website is not just about selling. It’s also about generating leads for your business through being an automated, ever-present marketing channel. It can educate, inspire, and nurture your potential customers even before you are aware that they have found your business.

An optimised website will  not only attract leads from search engines, but it can also turn those browsers into “warm leads” for businesses that aren’t suited to closing the sale on the website. For service-based businesses, these warm leads might take the form of a phone call during business hours or an inquiry form submitted for a tailored quote. A strongly designed ecommerce marketing strategy will map out the customer experience of your website and nudge customers through the website in a logical way so that their questions are answered and they are more likely to get in touch.


The goals of increasing the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns while maintaining or trimming the overall marketing spend is possible with a well-designed ecommerce marketing strategy. There may also be the scenario where the current online marketing spend has not achieved the desired results, or it is not clear to your business whether it is effective or not. An experienced ecommerce marketing consultant can assist with putting in place quantifiable reporting metrics and spend tracking to ensure that results are measured and then optimised.

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start or exactly what your business should be focusing on, so we have created a free downloadable template: Definitive Guide to eCommerce Marketing Australia to assist you in your strategy!

If you want to know more about building or boosting your eComm presence in Australia give us a call at #SwoopDigital.



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